Take Your Family on a Dubai City Tour in a Rent a Bus of Your Choice

Take a wonderful Dubai City Tour in a Rent a Bus your own convenience. Whether you’re here on a family vacation or just need a break from your busy schedule, a Dubai Luxury Limo Bus Rental is the way to go. We have over five hundred luxury buses including Minibus and Coach buses and we guarantee that your ride will be no less than luxurious and comfortable, and most importantly safe with state-of-the-art safety features and the best drivers in the UAE.



Dubai has a lot to offer for families during the long school vacation!

While visiting family in Dubai, a tour of the city is a must. With so much to see, a bus trip through this magnificent city can be a challenge to customize. Thankfully, the Big Bus Company offers a wide range of tours from half-day jaunts to three-day trips that will immerse you in different facets of local life. In addition to the standard tours, families with children looking for that extra special touch can choose from options such as an open-top air conditioned bus with VIP seating and safety standards; or choose any one of The Big Bus Company’s larger buses suitable for larger families, seniors



Dubai Rental Bus: A Family Friendly Way To City Tour Dubai

Dubai has many great attractions for kids on a family vacation. The family friendly tourist attractions include educational play centers, children’s museums and children’s parks, which will provide lots of fun and learning opportunities on a family vacations.

Limousine tours are easily arranged in Dubai Travelers are welcome to hire limousines for private tours Bus, or get on board with other members of their family or their group at the same time. No matter the size of your party, you are sure to find a suitable car for your transport needs, whether it is a luxurious Mercedes-Benz S Class or a minibus for several families travelling together.



Going to the Zoo in Dubai is a Fun Family Day Out Coaches

For families who don’t have the time to travel far, Dubai’s urban environment offers plenty of entertainment options. Wildlife lovers can visit zoos or head out into the desert for an interactive desert safari

The family vacation options in Dubai are endless. From lush tropical parks to zoos and wildlife reserves, you will find something for everyone in your family when traveling to the UAE. Most travelers choose to hop on tour transportation and take day trips to scenic destinations and memorable activities like visiting the world’s tallest tower. It is easy and affordable to rent a bus in Dubai and drive up the coast of Aqaba for an unforgettable sunset view or into the interior where you can find beautiful desert castles.