Small van for groups 4-7-Pax
Daily: AED 550-900

AED 4550/18000
(Driver and fuel included)

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Bus-Coach for groups 25-33 Pax
Daily: AED 1000-1400

AED 7700/28K
(Driver and fuel included)

33 seater bus rental dubai price e1677438279505

Tourist Bus for groups 35-48 Pax
Daily: AED 1100-1600

AED 9450/30K
(Driver and fuel included)

50 seater bus rental dubai price

Micro Bus for groups 15-22-Pax
Daily: AED 700-1100

AED 5950/20K
(Driver and fuel included) gif maker 9 e1677436082694

Mini van for groups 10-13-Pax
Daily: AED 550-900

AED 4550/18000
(Driver and fuel included) gif maker 6 e1673297204665

Coaster Bus for groups 14-22 Pax
Daily: AED 700-1100

AED 5950/21K
(Driver and fuel included) gif maker 10 e1673362882656

Renting a Minibus in Abu Dhabi: Everything You Need to Know

If you’re traveling to Abu Dhabi and need some help with transportation, then you’ve come to the right place! Here you can learn about everything related to renting a minibus in Abu Dhabi, from available options and booking procedures to important safety tips during your travels. Let’s get started!


Getting Around Abu Dhabi

Now that you’ve landed at Abu Dhabi International Airport, it’s time to get around. There are several ways of getting around without renting a car, but most visitors and ex-pats will end up using taxis or minibusses (or even simply buses). Taxis are abundant and reasonably priced. The biggest challenge when taking taxis is finding one that isn’t pre-booked. If you find yourself not being able to hail a cab (and are sure no one has booked it), go inside and ask about other taxi options as


many hotels offer courtesy vans or cars at an extra charge.
There are three main ways of getting around: buses, minibusses, and taxis. Let’s start with the latter two options. Since many hotels have free shuttles from their location to popular destinations, it is possible that you won’t need to rely on taxis very often during your stay—unless you choose not to take advantage of hotel shuttles or if you are staying off-site.



4 Things To Take Into Consideration When Hiring A Mini Bus

For any large-scale event, whether it is an outdoor wedding or a business conference, you need transport. Hiring or renting from local companies can be expensive and inefficient. Hiring your own bus, however, could make all of your transportation worries disappear. If you are planning a large event but need transportation there and back, here are some things you should take into consideration when hiring your own minibus. What size is best for my group? If you have more than 20 people traveling with you, then it would be best to get one of those huge buses that can fit 40-50 people at once; however, if you are only looking for something slightly bigger than normal-sized vehicles like cars and vans then having around 10-15 passengers is just fine.


About Hiring A Mini Bus In Abu Dhabi form R-R Bus rental

If you’re looking to rent minibusses for events, whether personal or professional, and you’re living in or around Abu Dhabi, UAE; then your first port of call should be R-R Bus rental. A family-run business since 1985, R-R bus rental offers more than just rental – they also provide the driver with a van. This means that when you hire with them (shouldn’t) and transport is safe as well as fun! we’ve helped hundreds of organizations transport people safely and stress-free by both training drivers, arranging vehicles and organizing their minibus hire.



Types Of Transportation Services Available In Abu Dhabi

If you’re looking for buses and shuttles in Abu Dhabi, you have many options from which to choose. There are 5 types of transportation services that you can get when it comes to getting from one place to another within Abu Dhabi; these include buses, taxis, limos, vans, and private cars. The choice is up to you depending on what type of service or product best fits your needs and your budget. Below is some information about each option so that you can be better informed on all of your choices before deciding which service would work best for you.



How To Make The Most Out Of Your Transport Experience In Abu Dhabi

Public transportation is always an excellent way to explore any city, but if you’re going somewhere new and want something just a little bit more adventurous, rent yourself a minibus for your next trip. Because Abu Dhabi is spread out over nearly 600 square miles (1,000 square kilometers), renting one of these for your visit can help ensure that you see as much as possible. Luckily, there are plenty of options available—from flashy limousines all the way down to super-economical microbuses—which can make it difficult when it comes time to pick one. Before your trip begins, check out these four tips that can help you find just what you need and enjoy yourself while getting around!


A variety of 30-seater Minibuses rental in Abu Dhabi is available with RR Abu Dhabi Minibus rentals. These are the most suitable vehicles to offer direct services for groups, families, or friends who wish to have an exciting time on the road. Mian Salim Minibus is available with us are of different sizes and shapes.


Our 30 seats minibusses for rent in Abu Dhabi are available in various configurations—namely, 6 passenger seats, 12 passenger seats, 14 passenger seats, and 15 passenger seats. Also, we have different types of vehicles for those who travel with more than 9 persons such as 11 seater buses and 15 seater buses. Some of our buses can be used as Airport transfer services in Abu Dhabi as well as Cruise Minibus Abu Dhabi.


Minibuses Rental for Airports, Events, & Other UAE Holidays

Our minibus for rent in Abu Dhabi has a capacity of 14 seats. We can therefore seat 16 passengers on Abu Dhabi shopping mall tours. Our 10-seater buses are available on hire to corporate houses, or for operating as a public minibus or bus rental line to operate from door staff pick up & drop.

Our well-maintained and insured 34-seater minibusses are driven by well-trained drivers, who have been given due training from our organization to drive in different weather conditions, and any difficult roads. We provide our buses/minibusses for rent in Abu Dhabi with customer technical assistance 24/7 so that if any part of the bus is not working properly, then they can contact us and we will arrange for a mechanic to come to the location where Bus is going to be situated.



RR Minibuses Rentals in Abu Dhabi is a company specializing in large transport buses

This Minibus for rent in the Abu Dhabi facility is mainly used by students, staff of security offices, schools, and market dealers. All these vehicles are available at our company an affordable price. Our vehicles are well equipped with the latest features so that people can enjoy their journey on these vehicles.

Our Minibuses hire Abu Dhabi fleet consists of 12-seater to 15 seaters 30-seat coaster buses, which can carry up to 20 passengers. We offer different types of Abu Dhabi bus rental services at affordable prices. We provide chauffeur-driven buses for airport pick and drop. Adequate air conditioning is provided in the buses, which transports you in comfort. We provide our service at affordable rates to our clients.



RR Minibuses rental in Abu Dhabi offers safe, reliable, comfortable and spacious vehicles.

We offer a variety of minibusses for rent in Abu Dhabi. Unlike other companies, we have a large fleet of buses for any kind of event, party or wedding. We provide our clients with an extensive fleet of minibusses to suit events ranging from 10 people to 400 people. Our chauffeurs are alert and should be efficient in driving to complete your travel in a planned manner.

We Provide Abu Dhabi Minibus rental services to many parts of the city. Our minibusses are branded and well-maintained at all times. Our friendly drivers know the best places in Abu Dhabi to take you for a walk, a ride, or a taste of culture. Call us today to rent a minibus in Abu Dhabi



How do I pay for my Rental Bus abu dhabi?

To ensure that you can easily pay for your rental bus in Abu Dhabi, we accept a variety of payment methods. For security purposes, we recommend using cash to make payments for your rental bus in Abu Dhabi at pick-up. If you choose to pay by credit card, all payments will be charged in full when you arrive at our location. We don’t accept partial or advanced payments online or over the phone; if you prefer to pay by credit card, it is safest to do so in person with our customer service staff when you arrive at our location. To finalize your payment, simply fill out a copy of our form and have it signed by a customer service agent on-site before driving away in your rental bus in Abu Dhabi.


can I book a Rental mini van Abu Dhabi with the Driver?

Whether you need to get a group of friends or a whole team to an event, or whether you want to find out if hiring an Abudhabi bus rental service is right for your needs, we can help you book and find the right transport service. We can give advice on planning your trip, so why not browse our services and see what’s available? You could call us today and discover that renting a bus in Abudhabi might be more affordable than you think. So don’t hesitate any longer – call now for details!



where do I book Mini Bus Rental Abu Dhabi

Bus rental in Abu Dhabi is an excellent way to move around for large groups that are looking to explore different parts of Abu Dhabi. Fortunes have been made to take tours around Abu Dhabi and other cities in UAE, so if you think your group has what it takes, contact us! Royal Rider offers a wide range of vehicles at competitive prices. Our staff will provide you with customer service at its finest while your Mini Bus is on hire. For more information on our vehicle rentals, call +971554519179 or e-mail us at today!