Discovering Hatta Tour Cost: Experience Royal Rider Bus Rental Dubai


Royal Rider Bus Rental Dubai: Discover Hatta Tour Cost.

Join us for an amazing day out at the breathtaking Hatta, United Arab Emirates. Our journey will leave Dubai feeling busy, and Royal Ride-rr Bus Rental Dubai will take us on a luxurious yet tranquil excursion. The Hatta excursion is both thrilling and calming. Enjoy the experience.


How much is the Hatta Tour Cost?

A 10 hour Hatta tour typically costs between AED 900 to AED 1500. This cost include of an English-speaking chauffeur, fuel, and Salik fees. Total expenses are determined by factors such as the length of tour, vehicle size and any additional services or amenities.


Hatta Tour Bus Cost From Dubai

7-Seater Car for 5-pax 10-hours Hatta Tour AED 850
13-Seater Van for 10-pax 10-hours Hatta Tour AED 900
24-Seat Mini Bus for 16-pax 10-hours Hatta Tour AED 1100
33-Seater Mini Coach for 25-pax 10-hours Hatta Tour AED 1200
50-Seater Luxury Bus Coach for 40-pax 10-hours Hatta Tour AED 1500



Please note­: The rates may be subject to change based on the additional services, or special Services Request. To obtain exact pricing details, it is recommended to contact Royal Rider Bus Rental directly. Additionally inquire about any exclusive offers or packages available during your Hatta travels.



Royal Rider Bus Rental Deteils Options


Royal Rider Bus Re­ntal Options: Details 
At Royal Rider Bus Rental Dubai, we­ offer luxurious experie­nces. Our diverse bus re­ntal options meet your nee­ds:

7-Seater Car Rental Rate­s
For smaller groups, our 7-seater car transports up to 5 passe­ngers comfortably. Price: AED 850 for a 10-hour Hatta tour. Additional hours: AED 70 each.

13 Se­ater Van Rental Rates
Our 13 se­ater van provides spacious comfort for up to 10 passenge­rs, ideal for intimate gatherings or family outings. Price­: AED 900 for a 10-hour Hatta tour. Extra hours cost AED 70 each.

24-Seater Mini Bus Rates
Tailored for larger groups or corporate events, our 24-seater mini bus offers an elegant and lavish ride for up to 20 passengers. Price: AED 1100 for a 10-hour Hatta tour, with each additional hour priced at AED 90.

33-Seater Mini Coach Rates
Ideal for medium-sized groups, our 33-seater mini coach provides comfortable transportation for up to 25 passengers. Price: AED 1200 for a 10-hour Hatta tour, with each additional hour priced at AED 100.

50-Seater Luxury Bus Coach
Fit for royalty, our 50-seater luxury bus coach provides opulence and sophistication for up to 40 passengers. With its expansive interiors and premium amenities, it guarantees a journey of unparalleled luxury. Price: AED 1500 for a 10-hour Hatta tour,


Embrace the­ pinnacle of luxurious travel with Royal Rider Bus Re­ntal. Book your Hatta excursion today and experie­nce a journey of unparallele­d comfort, elegance, and sophistication.



Journey to another Fantastic Adventure.

We experience a sense of excitement as our Hatta adventure begins with the Royal Rider Bus Re­ntal, creating an atmosphere. With each step, we approach the stunning Hajar Mountains and experience the beauty of nature at its finest. This period goes beyond a mere brief moment of idleness, it is an in-depth exploration of the natural world, creating lasting memories.


Top sights to see during Hatta Tour.

In Dubai, UAE, Hatta can be found in the Hajar Mountains and is renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty along with historical landmarks and outdoor adventures. The following are some of the top spots to explore in Hatta.


Hatta Dam (Hatta Lake), a well-liked spot for tourists, provides sweeping vistas of the blue water with its rugged terrain and tall mountains. Activities available include kayaking, pedal boating and picnicking as well as camping.

Hatta Heritage VillageExperience a sense of nostalgia at the Hatta Heritage Village, showcasing ancient Emirati buildings and artifacts. The village’s narrow streets are a convenient location for visiting the museum and learning about the regions’ culture.


Hatta Hill ParkA serene retreat nestled amidst the mountains, Hatta Hill Park features lush greenery, walking trails, and scenic viewpoints. it is a perfect spot for picnics, leisurely strolls, and enjoying panoramic views of the encircling landscapes.


Hatta Wadi HubAn adventure enthusiast’s paradise, Hatta Wadi Hub offers a wide variety of out of doors activities, such as mountain cycling, trekking, zip-lining, archery, and more. families also can enjoy camel rides and interactive cultural experiences here.


Hatta Mountain motorbike trail CentreWith trails catering to all talent stages, this mountain motorbike trail center is best for biking fanatics. Riders can discover rugged terrain and breathtaking surroundings while enjoying the fun of mountain cycling.


Hatta Roack poolsplaced amidst the mountains, those natural pools provide a refreshing escape from the warmth. site visitors can swim inside the crystal- clear waters, loosen up by using the shore, or experience a picnic surrounded by way of nature.


Hatta Hill fortThis ancient castle offers panoramic views of Hatta and the encompassing mountains. site visitors can explore the citadel’s structure, study its records, and revel in the scenic views from its vantage factors.


Hatta Honey Bee gardenNature enthusiasts can visit this garden to learn about beekeeping and the significance of honey bees in the surroundings. Guided excursions are to be had, presenting insights into beekeeping practices and honey production.


These are only some of the numerous attractions that make Hatta a popular vacation spot for travelers and locals alike. Whether you are interested in outside adventures, records, or really playing the natural splendor of the mountains, Hatta has something for absolutely everyone to experience



Unveiling the Marvels of Hatta –

As our chauffeur navigates the scenic routes of Hatta, we’re greeted by a landscape straight out of a fairy tale- From the tranquil waters of Hatta Dam to the ancient fortresses of Hatta Heritage Village, each stop on our itinerary unveils the rich history and natural splendor of this hidden gem.

Crafting Everlasting Memories –

As dusk descends upon our Hatta escapade, we find ourselves reminiscing about the moments we’ve shared – from the awe- inspiring views of the mountains to the camaraderie among fellow travelers. With Royal Rider Bus Rental, every instant becomes a cherished memory, and every journey an unforgettable experience.


Book Your Hatta Expedition with Royal Rider Bus Rental Today –

Are you ready to embark on a voyage of wonder and luxury? Secure your Hatta tour with Royal Rider Bus Rental Dubai today and relish the enchantment of this mesmerizing destination in grand style. With our deluxe fleet of buses and proficient chauffeurs at your service, you’re assured a princely experience from commencement to culmination. Don’t delay – let the adventure begin!