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Student life is full of events. Whether your group needs to get to college tours, your annual hackathon, or a field trip, student bus rental Dubai has the perfect solution for all your student transportation needs. We have a wealth of experience working with student groups and helping them travel safely and affordably by bus.


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choose us again and again for their transportation. And why not, we are the experts in safe, reliable, modern coach bus rentals. No stress necessary. We’re here to help make your event a standout. Our student travel services include on-call customer service (we’re not leaving you hanging), guaranteed on-time pickup, and 24 hour reservation support.


How Bus Rental Dubai Can Save You Time And Money

Whether you’re planning a road trip to the big game or organizing a tour, you need reliable and affordable student bus rental & student transportation. At Bus Rentals Dubai, we can help you find the right type of charter bus in your area. Our team is available 24/7 to discuss all available options, so you can make a decision that’s right for your event. Once you book your student bus reservation with us, you can relax knowing that you have a safe and reliable mode of transportation on hand.


Enjoy a Student Bus Rental Dubai for hassle free student transportation

The school student bus rental is the most affordable bus rental for student groups. It can seat up to 77 people, but fits up to 12 full school backpacks that stand side by side. The luggage racks on the school bus are on the inside in a rack that hangs between the seats and goes down the center of the aisle. Based on your needs, students could be seated in two-to-a-row bench seats or three-to-a-row in jump seats. Depending on your preferred seating style, students may or may not be able to face each other while riding.


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The coach bus is a higher end model with soft leather seating and more leg room compared to typical school buses. They range anywhere from 32 to multiples more passenger seats than a standard coach bus and seat around 40 people typically. Coach buses have an exterior luggage compartment under the bus; however, some newer coach buses will also have interior luggage space in student bus rental and racks as an option. Coach buses are great for overnight trips that involve multiple stops to save time packing and unpacking items for overnights.


Reliable Transportation for Your Next Group Trip

We understand that the success of any trip for your student group is dependent on your transportation. Royal Rider transportation fleet is a collection of high-quality charter buses that include a wide range of amenities. Our professional student bus rental drivers are trained, sober, and always arrive early for pick up and departure times!


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We specialize in providing safe and reliable transportation to and from your destinations. We have a large fleet of vans, buses, and mini-buses at our disposal. Our rates are affordable and we have been serving students for over 15 years.