Find the Perfect Dubai Group Tour Package for Your Family from the USA

usa-to-Dubai-Group-Tour-PackageAre you searching for the perfect Dubai group tour package from the USA? There are plenty of things to do in Dubai, ranging from relaxing beach days to entertainment experiences that your whole family will love. If you’re looking to travel to Dubai with your family and have them experience everything Dubai has to offer, start here to find the perfect Dubai group tour package for your family from the USA!

Dubai, an emirate of the United Arab Emirates, is one of the fastest growing cities in the world, and it’s one of the most popular destinations for Americans traveling abroad. With its gorgeous beaches, awe-inspiring architecture, and rich cultural history, Dubai offers something to do for families of all ages—and it’s easy to find the perfect group tour package to fit your family’s needs with the help of Jetsetter’s travel experts!


Multi-day Tours Dubai by Luxury tourist buses

Unlike a day tour of a city, an overnight or multi-day tour gives you much more flexibility and lets you discover a lot more about your destination. It’s also great for those with limited time. You can even book an extended stay in one location – perfect if it’s somewhere you want to learn more about. An extended tour of two weeks or more gives you ample time to not only get to know a new place but also experience it during different times of year and at different times of day. For example, touring Dubai over winter gives you a chance to see its world-class museums as well as its desert dunes under One tour!


USA Flight + Hotel Packages Dubai

Group tours are a great way to see Dubai while meeting fellow travelers. Families traveling with younger children will want to look at packages that include hotel accommodations, which will make it easy to settle in and rest up after a long day of exploring. There are plenty of tour providers available, many of which offer packages departing out of U.S.-based airports, so families should do their research before booking. Each traveler must have his or her own valid passport (you can’t enter another country without one) and all important documents must be filled out ahead of time—it may seem like a no-brainer, but if you don’t show up with your completed travel paperwork they won’t let you on your flight!


Dubai One Day Trip Options for US citizen 

If you’re a family of five (or fewer) with limited time, there are a handful of one-day tour packages that can take you to key sights in and around Dubai. You might not be able to see everything, but at least you’ll get an idea of what Dubai has to offer and can decide if it’s a place you’d like to explore further on your own. ThinkStock Take a Day Trip: If you have more than just one day available in Dubai but don’t feel up to an extended vacation, try getting out on a day trip. Some highlights popular with tourists include Palm Jumeirah Island and Atlantis The Palm Resort Hotel & Aquarium.


Best Time to Visit Dubai with Kids

Because of Dubai’s impressive infrastructure, traveling with kids is an easy task. If you’re traveling in a group, your options are even more flexible: all forms of public transportation allow families to bring strollers and carry on items—like diaper bags! Many restaurants also accommodate children with high chairs and booster seats. It might be a good idea to think about carrying around wipes and hand sanitizer, too. In addition to plenty of convenience stores (and yes, McDonald’s), baby formula is relatively easy to come by in Dubai. Strollers can be rented near major tourist attractions as well as at any number of larger shopping centers and hotels in town; prices are generally around 20 AED per day or 100 AED per week.


The Best Hotels in Dubai with Kids

This one might sound like a no-brainer but here’s a quick cheat sheet of kid-friendly hotels in Dubai: The Fairmont, Raffles, Burj Al Arab, Atlantis, The Address Downtown. Not only are they clean and safe (which is a huge deal when you have kids) but they offer lots of fun family activities and freebies like complimentary meals at their restaurants. When you arrive at your hotel try to get an early check-in if possible and take advantage of their resort-style amenities by ordering food poolside or having breakfast delivered to your room. You can even play games together as a family in their outdoor playgrounds and gyms!


How to get around in dubai

Visiting a new city can be intimidating, but one of the best ways to get familiar with your surroundings is to explore on foot. However, if you’re looking to see as much as possible in a short amount of time, there are other options. If you’re traveling with kids or want convenience and safety during your trip, try renting a luxury tourist bus or limo in dubai. These sleek buses offer comfortable seats, WiFi and access to music channels (or even movies!), making them ideal for families looking to travel together in style. And since many of these cars come with GPS systems installed (handy when navigating unfamiliar roads), you won’t have to worry about getting lost!