Bus rental Dubai EXPO2020 and Events Transportation

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Want to transport 1000s of people? Parking is a nightmare.


Getting a bus parked, then back again is a logistical nightmare, not to mention too risky.

Our EXPO 2020 Dubai bus rental with Drivers Transportation service , who are EXPO-certified, knowing all EXPO locations at different times of day. Let us do all the work, leaving you free to enjoy the atmosphere and attend meetings.


You need to find an EXPO-certified and reliable bus rental with drivers service for your trip to the EXPO 2020 Dubai, and every time of the day.


How do you want to make your trip to the Expo 2020 Dubai?




Securing the means to reach EXPO 2020 Dubai.


Making sure you can travel around the event comfortably.


Hire our EXPO-certified bus rental with drivers service to make your trip easy on your expectations. You’ll be back at the hotel after spending some time sightseeing Dubai on your favorite bus rental with Drivers!


Having a driver who doesn’t know the EXPO as well as you do. Or as your colleagues or staff do. Agitate: The cost of that not knowing. In lost time, lost money, and loss of face. Solution: Book now for a Dubai bus rental with drivers from Bhutan Car Rentals with EXPO-certified staff by your side – knowing your route inside out – every moment of your journey!


Even finding the right bus rental company or meeting transportation company for this kind of request can be a hassle.


It is difficult to find the right personnel but what difficult is even harder is getting them to come to you!

We make it easy for you by transporting delegates and officials from venue to venue easily. We provide the most luxurious and comfortable transportation that you and your guests deserve on such special day and we do that at fair and competitive rates. If you’re looking for a ZERO RISK EXPO 2020 Dubai bus rental and Events Transportation service , we’re at your service. Your visitors need not be subjected to waiting for hours for buses, nor should they fret over crowded transportation.

Travelling to the EXPO 2020 Dubai can be stressful if you don’t plan correctly.

You want to get there without delay, but you also need to know that when you do arrive, your bus rental accommodates all your needs from bathrooms, to WIFI access.

When choosing a bus rental for any travel activity in Dubai, you want one that is prepared and can deliver a great travel experience…whether it’s a family holiday or a work day out. You want a bus rental in Dubai that is well equipped with all the WIFI access and details of the schedule for each location throughout the day so you can plan accordingly. It’s important when travelling


Searching all over Dubai for a proper bus rental company

Trying to spend hours getting from location to location within EXPO 2020 Dubai is not fun!


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